McAfee Partner Program


Nexus Technologies Inc partner with McAfee to deliver best-in-class, optimized security solutions to customers. Nexus Technologies Inc have the inside track on trending security issues, technologies, and products. With a flexible framework-based on customer buying preferences and partner business models we help you build a differentiated, profitable security practice.

We have the option of completing the solution competency curriculum to authorized and transact more complex technologies. Nexus Technologies Inc have access to baseline profitability programs and online resources on the McAfee Partner Portal. We ensure that customers receive high-quality solutions and services.

We achieved through a demonstrated commitment to customer satisfaction, competency, and revenue growth. Nexus Technologies Inc have proven solution and services capabilities to manage the largest and most complex security deployments. These partners receive the highest level of benefits.

We Support customers who prefer to procure products and solutions through a managed services provider. Nexus Technologies Inc is align with McAfee Professional Services to deliver implementation services, which can increase customer satisfaction.